Presentation: R and HDInsight 3.1 in Microsoft Azure

Yesterday I gave a talk in the CopenhagenR – useR Group on how to leverage the power of R with HDInsight and Microsoft Azure. I recorded the presentation, which was spiced up by some really good questions by the attendees. I hope it’s all audible.

For any questions on the topic, please contact me via the comments below this post.

Presentation: Running R in HDInsight 3.1

Today I was invited to speak at the very first meetup of the Rhus Meetup Club (in Aarhus, Denmark) on the topics of R, RHadoop, HDInsight and Azure Machine Learning. And it was a lot of fun! 🙂

Back when I was doing my postgraduate studies I was writing a heck of lot of R code (as the only student in class — everybody else was using commercial tools like Stata or SAS). And, man, I’d wish there was something like HDInsight when I was a student! It could have helped me out a whole lot when I was writing my thesis and working with the tons of patent data my supervisor had given me (from PATSTAT, approx. 75 million patent-sized full-text entries). My poor HP Envy was struggling a lot back then.

I think the presentation was well received — people didn’t complain too much at least! 😉 However, next time I think I will cut down on the material to cover. It’s a really complicated soup you’re cooking when you’re mixing in concepts like R, Hadoop (DFS), MapReduce, YARN, Azure Blob Storage, Azure Machine Learning and more — in just 60 minutes! I will give the same presentation in the CopenhagenR useR group later this month and I think there are some things I can improve before then.

Anyway, my slide deck is available here should you be interested:

Also, these links might be interesting for you if you decide to dive into the world of R, Hadoop and Azure:

Let me know if you stumble upon any questions. Comments are as always very welcome! 🙂