Project Spartan vs. Internet Explorer vs. Firefox on Windows 10 Tech Preview Build 10074

I just updated to Windows 10 Tech Preview Build 10074, which is the latest build out there, and I’ve got to say: Things are really started to come together very nicely! Experiencing how well this build runs just makes me even more excited about the Microsoft’s Build Developer Conference in San Francisco.

As a web developer I am especially excited about Project Spartan — an awesome browser to be honest. It has already replaced Firefox as my go-to browser — and as a big Firefox lover, that takes a lot. It just feels really smooth and fast! I love it! I am deeply impressed by the work that the Project Spartan team has done here. This is going to give Microsoft a fresh shot at the browser wars and get us back to the good old days of Internet Explorer dominance! 🙂

I did a small test to compare Project Spartan to both Internet Explorer and Firefox. I wanted to test the JavaScript performance because JS is such a big deal in today’s web world and being able to execute JavaScript at fast speeds is what’s going to make it or break it for a browser. I did the tests on my Intel Core i7 laptop with 8 GB RAM while closing all other unnecessary processes on the system. Both against IE and Firefox, Project Spartan did significantly better. Check out the screenshots below.

Project Spartan vs. Internet Explorer

Project Spartan vs. Firefox


While this study isn’t scientific at all, it does say something about the work that is being put into Project Spartan to make it a fast-performing browser that will be able to serve modern-day web applications. I can’t wait until the RTM build of it will come out! 🙂